Bicycles are cool. I could stop right there but it's true. Let's make a list:

clean transportation, good exercise, efficient, quiet, economical, convenient, and fun.

Bicycles are all that and more. We believe in the bicycle and all the

experiences it offers, whether you're herding little tykes on one of

Toronto's great bike paths, meeting friends for coffee, getting lost in the

forest, or deciding between joining the Donut Ride or hitting that sweet jump.

We can help. We'll give you the straight goods.

Service and advice you can trust (without the attitude.)


Service, maintenance, repairs? We’ll fix your bike

If you ignore a sore throat, at least you have a shot at it disappearing a few days later. That principle doesn’t hold true for bikes. If your brakes or gears need attention, they aren’t going to need less attention if you wait it out.

The longer you put off bicycle maintenance,

the higher the mechanic bill can potentially climb.

Fix your bike, enjoy your bike.

Keeping up with Sport Swap

Cell phone, land line, email, work email, snail mail, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, carrier pidgeon.

It was supposed to be easier than this.

It's a tangled web out there and with so many ways to communicate we have to make some choices.

We devote the majority of our online presence to Facebook. is where you can find out what we're up to: holiday hours, special events, cycling news and pro tips.

Keep in touch and we'll see you soon!